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Circlips - Retaining Rings


Boxes of assorted circlips

External DIN 471 Metric

External N1400 American

Internal DIN 472 Metric

Internal N1300 American

Heavy Duty External DIN 471 Metric

Heavy Duty External N1460 American

External Increased Abutment: DIN 983

Internal Increased Abutment: DIN 984

E Type DIN 6799 Metric

E Type N1500 American

Crescent Rings: Metric

Crescent Rings: N1800 American

Grip Rings: M1440 Range

Grip Rings: GRP Range

'U' Type Circlips

External Snap Rings

Internal Snap Rings

External Snap Rings: DIN 5417

External Snap Rings: DIN 7993 part A

Internal Snap Rings: DIN 7993 part B

External Circlip Pliers

Internal Circlip Pliers

KLM Retaining Clips

Grip Ring Pliers

Eurobase Dispensers

E Type Circlip Applicators



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